Geecko Skills
Save time. Allow Geecko to help you identify leads, attract more applicants, increase task conversion, and find the best candidates to join your team
Use Geecko Skills to prescreen and interview candidates

Standardize your process and use objective data to make your important decisions

Geecko supports different types of tasks to comprehensively funnel your hiring
Hard Skills types
General coding: more than 10 programming languages
Multiple-choice questionnaire
SQL task
Code review
Docker container task
Soft Skills types
Supports all models and tests
You select the most suitable model
Helps to make a decision about a candidate
Gather full information about the candidate
Do a prescreening
Use for technical interviews
Get automatic evaluation of Github and other community profiles
Task funnel assessment
Search for bottlenecks in your test templates, fix issues, and raise conversions
Task catalogue
Find assignments in our catalog, see if the candidate matches the market
Video interview recording
Integration with ATS Geecko Cube and Geecko Deep
API for any integrations
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