Geecko Marketplace
Smart developer database that matches algorithms to select the best candidate for your vacancy.
Simple but time-consuming processes
Ineffective utilization of resources to fill vacancy
Sources database programmers
Non-transparent candidate experience
Questions and checks
Time-consuming interviews
Geecko way
Find the one that best fits the vacancy
Easy Registration
Create Applications
Match candidates
Full & reach profile view
Skills pre-assessment
Convenient tools to control your funnel
A never-ending cycle
Efficiently match and hire candidates
Standard way
Inadequate results
What marketplace is
No routine search, just matching. Geecko's AI algorithm will help you select only the relevant candidates for your position and company
Database of only superior candidates
All candidates are actively searching for a job and are ready for employment. The database is updated every day. Talented candidates available to you immediately! Get started with the candidate exchange program to save hiring
You don't have to guess
Complete information on the candidates with their extended profile: technology stack, programmer's preferences, his portfolio and Hard Skills' preliminary assessment
More than a job board
Evaluate candidates' skills directly on the platform and schedule interviews. Allow Geecko to remind candidates about their interviews. Send offers through the Geecko interface
Candidate exchange programme
Receive rewards for recruiting candidates to the Geecko platform
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