AI Geecko Deep
AI Geecko Deep
Deep AI is an intellectual valuation algorithm to count the probability of candidates for your team
The current HR process is based on
intuition and leads to mistakes.
Companies may sometimes miss out on good people, instead hiring the inappropriate
HR evolution - working with numbers
and the transition from luck to predictability
Use your team data to build a model that will identify the right candidates from thousands of resumes
How it works?
Conformity determination for recruitment
Employees in your company will take tests. The system will then generate a digital profile of programmers and team members.
This step allows you to understand how your successful employees pass the tests so you may build a better prediction
Test your recruitment funnel on current employees using Geecko Skills tools
The system communicates about the validity of evaluation methods
Take hidden factors into account for the funnel
Recruiters will now receive tips from the system about which candidates to search for. The system will develop the appropriate recruitment funnel
When working with the funnel, the system reports the progress status and compliance level
Coming soon
Determine repository analysis and the employee's performance metrics
Conduct Employee Assessments
Forecase Employee Burnout
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